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    Ukraine’s major demand – sufficient weapons stockpiles for retaliatory strikes against Russia


    Ukraine says membership of the military alliance is not possible until the current war ends
    Russia has demanded the return of 18 percent of occupied territory within months
    Western countries provided Ukraine with tanks, armored vehicles and artillery

    Kyiv: The war between Russia-Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War) does not seem to stop yet. At present, the situation of ceasefire between the two countries is not visible. At the same time, Ukraine has taken a strategy to strengthen the counterattack against the enemy country, Russia. Ukraine claims it has enough weapons stockpiles to launch a retaliatory attack on Russia. But it expects cooperation from Western countries. Ukraine has also made major statements about NATO membership. He said membership gains were next on his agenda.

    Ukraine has enough weapons to retaliate against Russia, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told Reuters on Monday. Not only that, but his operation would give Ukraine the victory it needs to join NATO. In an interview in Kiev, Foreign Minister Kulebao said that Ukraine’s membership of the military alliance will probably not be possible until the ongoing war ends. This is possible only after the war is over.

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    Ukraine also claims to have recaptured 18 percent of Russian-held territory after a major offensive in months with tanks, armored vehicles and artillery provided by Western countries.

    Ukraine’s deputy defense minister said Monday that Kiev had changed its “offensive operations” on some fronts, but rejected Moscow’s earlier claims that there was a major Ukrainian offensive.

    Kuleba did not say whether a counter-attack had been launched. He replied that the most important thing is not when it began, but that it ended in the victory of Ukraine. The Foreign Minister assumed office in March 2020. He said, Ukraine’s next goal is to get NATO membership. Some NATO allies agreed to train Ukrainian pilots to fly F-16 fighter jets. Kyiv also lobbied for this. Regarding the use of major weapons in Russia-Ukraine, the minister also said that we have already removed all weapons… that means there is nothing major left to fight.

    He further asserted that NATO membership will not stop this war. But NATO membership would prevent further war. That is why Ukraine’s NATO membership would be the best way to ensure security in the region.

    Moscow said early Monday that it had repelled a major Ukrainian offensive in the southern part of Ukraine’s Donetsk region involving six mechanized and two tank battalions. Kiev officials have scoffed at Moscow’s claim. Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Malier said the claim was intended to divert attention from Russia’s defeat near the eastern city of Bakhmut.

    Kuleba said that although Ukraine now has enough weapons to launch a retaliatory strike, it will need continued supplies from its allies to sustain its efforts. Kuleba urged Western countries to continue supplying sufficient arms for as long as needed.

    He expressed confidence that Kiev’s partners would continue to supply arms until Kiev reached its goals. But production capacity is also said to be facing difficulties.

    NATO is also looking at supplying Ukraine with more ammunition Its ammunition stockpiles were destroyed earlier in the year.

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