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    Selected Love Poems of Nobel Prize Winner Pablo Neruda

    Pablo Neruda said about poetry, “A poet must strike a balance between fraternity and solitude, between passion and toil, between attachment to oneself and harmony with the whole world, and the revelation of nature, and that is poetry. Pablo Neruda has deeply explored themes such as love, time, destruction and loneliness, which are clearly visible in his poetry. His poetry has melody as well as pain. Apart from love, his poems are also full of political, social, alienation, communism and oppression. Let’s read five love poems by Pablo Neruda, translated from English to Hindi by Ashok Pandey…

    Five Love Poems by Pablo Neruda

    a woman’s body
    A woman’s body, white hills, white thighs
    You look like a surrendered world
    My hunched peasant body sinks into you
    And from the depths of the earth brought forth sons.

    I was alone like a tunnel, the bird flew out of me.
    And the night flooded me with its destructive onslaught.
    I made you as a weapon to save myself.
    Like an arrow in my bow, like a stone in my sling.

    But the moment of revenge strikes, and I love you.
    Skin and flesh body. Eager and hard milk!
    Oops! Breast cup! Oops! Eyes of absence!
    Oops! Rose of femininity! Oops! Slow and sad your voice!

    My woman’s body, I will be in your dignity,
    My thirst, my boundless desire, leave my way!
    On the banks of the dark river where eternal thirst flows.
    And behind comes weariness, and an eternal agony.

    I miss you as you were
    Missing you like you were last fall.
    You were the gray cap and the frozen heart.
    Twilight’s flames fought endlessly in your eyes.
    And the leaves were falling in the water of your soul.

    My arms are as stiff as climbing plants
    The leaves collected your voice, which was soft and relaxing
    My thirst was burning with the fire of your love
    A sweet blue gem got tangled in my soul.

    I can feel your eyes travel, and autumn is far away:
    Gray cap, bird call, heart like home
    To which my deep concern began to shift
    And my kisses fell like happy sparks.

    Seaplane to Sky. Hills to Fields:
    Your memories are made of still pond light and smoke!
    Before your eyes, and ahead, the evening was burning.
    Dry, autumn leaves swirled in your soul.

    So you can hear me
    So you can hear me
    my word
    sometimes faint
    Like a duck’s path on the beach.

    Mumps like a drunken bell
    Soft as a grape for your hands.
    And I watch my words from afar
    They are more yours than mine
    They ride like vines on my ancient tyranny.
    He likewise climbs the wet wall.
    You are to blame for this cruel game.
    They are leaving my dark waist
    You are fulfilling everything, you are fulfilling everything.

    Before you they lived in the solitude that you are now
    And they are more used to my silence than you.
    Now they want to say what I want to say to you
    I want to tell you, you listen to me.

    The wind of pain blows over them like always
    Sometimes the darkness of dreams overturns them
    You hear another voice in my painful voice.

    The cry of ancient faces, the blood of ancient pleas
    Love me friend, don’t leave me. follow me
    Follow me, mate! In this wave of pain

    But my words are stained by your love
    You are fulfilling everything, you are fulfilling everything.

    I am turning them into an endless necklace
    For your white, grape-soft hands.

    We lost
    We have lost to this twilight
    No one saw us holding each other’s hands this evening
    When the blue night fell upon the earth

    I looked out my window
    Celebrating sunset on a distant hilltop
    Sometimes a piece of sun
    Burnt like a coin in my hand

    I miss you to the core of my soul
    What you know in your sorrow

    Where were you then?
    Who else was there?
    what are you saying
    Why will all this love come to me suddenly?
    When I’m sad and I feel that you’re away?

    The book that was always seen at twilight
    And my garment is wrapped around my legs like a wounded dog

    Always, always you go away, you go through the evening
    Where twilight goes to wash idols.

    for my heart
    Your chest is enough for my heart
    And my wings for your freedom
    that slept in your soul,
    The path of my face will rise up to heaven.

    You have daily illusions.
    You approach the flower with petals closed like dew.
    You make the horizon incomplete in your absence
    Forever flying like a wave.

    I said you sing in the air
    Like pine and mast
    Like them, you are tall and restrained.
    And you are sad, all together, like a long journey.

    You collect things like old roads
    Full of sad sounds echoing inside you
    I would wake up and sometimes birds would fly
    That was sleeping in your soul.

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