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    Revised covid protocols contain contingency plans for colt formation

    Indianapolis: Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Rich may not know if quarterback starting Carson Wentz will be able to play until Sunday.

    He is also not sure who else can be cleared by medical staff if he is active from the reserve / COVID-19 list.

    All the uncertainty has bound the Colts. Less than 24 hours after NFL officials tested positive for the virus and announced that they would reduce the time required for vaccinated or unvaccinated players to stay out without symptoms, Indy activated five players, including offensive guards Quinton Nelson and Mark Glowinski. More players may join them on the practice field in the next few days.

    Rich is now installing random game plans, waiting to see who might be available against Las Vegas.

    His fifth day will be Sunday and will be available for play if he clears theoretically, “Reich said, referring to Wentz before Wednesday’s practice. In the meantime, he will be in the virtual meeting, preparing to play if he clears.

    Indy never imagined preparing for a potential play-off-clinching game. But it is better than the alternative after the virus hit Indie hard last week.

    The shaking of activity began last Wednesday when cornerback rock Ya-Sin began and the backup defensive end Chemoco Toure moved to the COVID-19 list. Nelson and Glowinski joined them on Thursday, then on Saturday, just hours before the kick-off, Reich was told three more starter linebackers Darius Leonard, cornerback Kenny Moore II and receiver Jack Pascal were out.

    Right-tackle Braden Smith and four other players were added to the list on Monday, the biggest shock coming on Tuesday when Colts officials also announced the dismissal of Wentz.

    Initially, it looked like the Colts might be missing at least eight starters against the Raiders.

    Instead, after league officials announced Tuesday evening that they had reached an agreement with the NFLPA to follow the CDC’s revised quarantine guidelines, players had to sit outside for 10 days before returning to the decision. Suddenly Reich was drafting an addition to his already revised script.

    ID says 20, 25% different, “Reich said when asked to estimate what percentage of play calls might change based on Indy’s quarterback. The key is that we’re pretty good with anyone. Unlike 3 weeks in Tennessee, Carson said that He rarely practiced at the time, but now he practices all year round. So if he is able to come back and get ready, I think we are in a better place. “

    The Colts are making other changes as well.

    All meetings will be held virtually this week, and walk-throughs and exercises will be conducted simultaneously in an effort to reduce the time spent at the team’s headquarters. Typically, indie walks in the morning and practice in the afternoon.

    Rich also recently admitted to chatting with last year’s starter Philip Rivers and said he had discussed the Colts situation, but had nothing to report.

    What else will be different?

    Ehlinger will take pictures of the first team throughout the week as Wentz will not be eligible to return until at least Sunday. If Ehlinger starts his first NFL, the No. 2 in the Indy League could be more prone to racing offenses.

    The former University of Texas star has appeared in three games this season although he has yet to throw a pass and has had very few opportunities to spend his time with Indy’s top receivers. But two weeks ago, Wentz made 5 of 12 yards for 57 yards, including a touchdown and an interception against New England. The Colts still won.

    Last week, with three of the five starting offensive linemen sitting out and moving into the fourth first quarter, they beat the Cardinals.

    And if there’s one thing Indie’s rookie quarterback is familiar with, it’s running Reich’s run-pass alternative plays.

    I feel very comfortable running RPO on this system. I’ve been running these for a long time, “Ehlinger said. It definitely puts a lot of pressure on the defense, especially when you have a running back. If you miss a tackle, they go away.”

    Of course, everything can change in the blink of an eye. Whatever it is, Rich wants to make a plan for it.

    You don’t have to script it that way, but it’s a great opportunity for Sam, “said Reich.” Everyone is evaluated, so it’s a golden bar for Sam. You have to get in the role. “


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