Monday, December 4, 2023

    President Putin is planning a big war with Ukraine! One and a half lakhs have been ordered to be recruited into the army

    New Delhi: For the past six months, war has been going on between Ukraine and Russia (Russia Ukraine War). There is still tension between the two countries. So far Ukraine has suffered a lot in this war as well as Russia. While Russia has reduced many Ukrainian cities to rubble, a large number of Russian soldiers have also lost their lives. But in the meantime, Russia has made a big decision to strengthen the army.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is working on a strategy to strengthen his military, AP reports. Putin is believed to have ordered about 137,000 recruits to the Russian army. The news of the Russian army recruitment comes as Ukraine recently claimed that around 100 Russian soldiers have been killed in recent fighting.

    The army will have more than 20 lakh soldiers
    President Putin signed a decree on Thursday to strengthen the military, according to reports. Accordingly, he approved the recruitment of about one and a half lakh in the army. The army recruitment process will start from next year. After this appointment, the number of soldiers in the Russian army will exceed two million.

    As the news of the recruitment process in the Russian army spreads, people are also giving their opinions on it. From the reaction of the people, it seems that the people are not happy with this decision of the government. In response, one user wrote that the government’s move shows that soldiers are dying in the war with Ukraine. From this it seems that Ukraine has done us great harm.

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