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    Australia: Woman celebrates 100th birthday arrested by police, know the full story


    Australia’s Victoria State Police in discussion
    An elderly woman is being praised for fulfilling her wishes
    The woman was celebrating her 100th birthday when she was arrested

    Melbourne. Police have arrested a woman in the Australian state of Victoria while celebrating her 100th birthday. At the beginning of the birthday party, the police officers reached there and arrested the woman. Victoria Police posted photos of the incident on their Facebook page. In this, police said, former nurse Jean Bikenton expressed her desire to be arrested. Jean said people might think it’s a little different, but it was my wish that once the police arrested me before I died, it was on my bucket list. However, the bucket list includes big accomplishments, travel, and fun things we want to experience in our lives.

    “We are very pleased with the arrest,” Victoria Police said. Jeanne was a responsible citizen and an accomplished nurse. He has dedicated his life in the service of the people and when we came to know about his wish the police officers happily agreed to do this. Jean’s family, friends and many colleagues also appreciated our initiative.

    Jean with Victoria Police officers. (Photo – Facebook)

    Victoria Police praised the initiative

    During the birthday celebration, Jean is happy to see the police officers. Jean’s family here thanked the police. Thanks to the police officers for completing the bucket list, the family said. At the same time, many commented on the Facebook page of the police praising this work. A user wrote that great work by our police, we are proud of you.

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