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    At the G-7 summit, Prime Minister Modi enumerated India’s efforts to curb climate change, while also making a big claim

    Hiroshima. At the G7 meeting of the world’s 7 richest democracies held in Hiroshima, Japan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted India’s efforts and concerns about climate change. This time, Prime Minister Modi called for broadening the scope of the ongoing discussion on climate change, not limiting it to just the energy perspective.

    In his opening speech at the G-7 summit, Prime Minister Modi said, ‘Today we stand at an important turning point in history. In a world plagued by multiple crises, climate change, environmental security and energy security are the biggest challenges of the present time. One of the obstacles to tackling this huge challenge is that we view climate change only from an energy perspective. We need to broaden our discussion.

    PM Modi counted India’s efforts
    Referring to India’s efforts to prevent climate change, the Prime Minister said, ‘Earth has been given the status of mother in Indian civilization. And to face all these challenges, we have to listen to the call of the world. Change your behavior accordingly. In this spirit, India has created institutional solutions like Mission Life, International Solar Alliance, Alliance for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, Mission Hydrogen, Biofuel Alliance, Big Cat Alliance.

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    Along with this, PM Modi said, ‘Today the farmers of India are walking on the path of progress and development by saving every drop of water by following the mission of ‘Peri Fonta Mor Fosal’. We are moving fast towards the goal of ‘Net Zero by 2070’ (zero carbon emissions by 2070).

    Aim to reach net zero by 2030,
    Our vast rail network has decided to reach net zero by 2030, the Prime Minister said. Currently, the installed capacity of renewable energy in India is about 175 GW. It will reach 500 GW by 2030. PM Modi said, ‘We consider all our efforts as our responsibility to the world. This spirit is embedded in the foundation of our development and the ambitious goals of our development journey. In India’s development journey, environmental commitment is not an obstacle, but an enabler.

    With this, Prime Minister Modi urged the leaders of the G-7 countries and said, ‘We need to make our green and clean technology supply chain flexible while moving towards climate action. If we don’t transfer technology and provide affordable financing to countries in need, our talks will remain just talks. There will be no change on the ground.

    PM Modi said, ‘I am proud to say that the people of India are aware of the environment and understand their responsibilities. This sense of responsibility has been running in our veins for centuries. India is fully prepared to play its part together with all.

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