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    After 12 hours of death, the three-year-old girl survived, the sound of crying came out of the coffin!

    Mexico City. Often we hear reports of a person rising again after hours of death. One such incident has come to the fore in Mexico. Here’s a 3-year-old girl rising from her coffin 12 hours after her death. The New York Post reports that 35-year-old Camila Roxana had a stomach infection. The doctor declared the girl dead while undergoing treatment. After 12 hours, when the girl was placed in the coffin and prepared for the funeral, she came back to life.

    According to the report, Camila’s mother, Mary Jane Mendoza, said her baby girl was vomiting. Stomach ache and fever. He took the child to a pediatrician in Villa de Romas. After seeing the condition of the baby girl, the pediatrician asked her to be taken to the community hospital. The girl was treated at Community Hospital for dehydration and a fever. The girl was then asked to take her home.

    When the girl’s condition worsened, she was again brought to the hospital.
    After being brought home, the girl’s condition worsened again. When the family took her back to the hospital, doctors declared the girl brought dead after a few hours of treatment. The girl’s mother said she brought her in for an IV drip, but it took time to get oxygen. After some time the doctor declared the girl dead.

    Steam in a coffin over glass
    12 hours after being declared dead, while preparations were being made for the funeral, the girl’s mother noticed a vapor-like deposit on the glass of the coffin. He gave this information to the people present there but no one believed it. People said he was shocked, so it looked like that. By saying this, people prevented him from opening the coffin.

    The girl called her mother from the coffin
    Then the girl’s grandmother noticed that her pupils were moving. Eventually the girl started crying inside and making noises. Then the coffin is opened. The girl was alive. Later the family rushed to the hospital with him. When the doctors checked her up, the girl fell asleep again. The doctor declared him dead. According to General State Attorney, Jose Luis Ruiz, the matter is being investigated. Postmortem of the girl’s body is being done.


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