Tuesday, June 6, 2023

    A coalition of G-7 countries, backed by Ukraine, said Russia started the war and it should end

    Hiroshima. All member nations issued a joint statement during the G7 leaders’ summit that began Saturday in Hiroshima, Japan. In this statement, these 7 member states said they stand by their commitment against Russia’s illegal, unjustified and unprovoked war against Ukraine.

    The Group of Seven leaders are taking firm steps to help Ukraine counter Russia’s illegal aggression, “although it will take a long time,” the joint statement said. During this time, the members of the Group of Seven resolved to strengthen disarmament and non-proliferation efforts to move toward the ultimate goal of a nuclear-weapon-free world with less security for all.

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    In Hiroshima, the ‘Symbol of Peace’, G7 members pledged to consolidate all their policy instruments with Ukraine and make every effort to bring a comprehensive, just and lasting peace to Ukraine as soon as possible.

    G7 members condemned Russia’s flagrant violations of the United Nations (UN) Charter and the impact of Russia’s war on the rest of the world. “The 15-month Russian aggression has killed thousands of people, caused immense suffering to the people of Ukraine, and threatened access to food and energy for many of the world’s most vulnerable,” the statement added.

    In order to ensure a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine, G7 members call on Russia to end its unrelenting aggression and to immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw its troops and troops and military equipment from all internationally recognized territory of Ukraine. “Russia started this war and only they can end it,” the statement said.

    In the joint statement, G7 members reiterated their firm commitment to ensure that Ukraine receives the necessary economic assistance. “Under Japan’s G7 presidency, together with the international community, we have ensured that Ukraine receives the necessary budget support in 2023 and early 2024,” the joint statement said.

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