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    The truck collided with the car of ‘Bhabani’ of ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’, Kishore Shahane and his family survived the accident!

    Actress Kishori Shahane, who played the role of ‘Bhabani Chavan’ in ‘Gum Hai Kisike Peer Mein’, has been the victim of a horrific road accident. On the highway, his car collided with a truck (teenager Shahane escaped a fatal crash), causing his car to be severely damaged. Fortunately, actress Kishori Shahane and her family are completely safe in this accident. The actress herself has shared the information of this street on social media. He thanked God for keeping the family safe.

    The teenager said to Shahane- ‘Keep Jako Sayan no one can kill’
    Kishori Shahane is a popular TV actress. He shared three photos of the accident on his Instagram account. He told about the accident with these pictures. He wrote in the post with three pictures of the wrecked car – ‘The car was damaged but lives were saved. God’s mercy. Jaco keeps saying that Cyan can’t kill anyone.

    Fans and co-stars have expressed concern
    Fans and their friends commented on the actress’ post thanking God that they were not injured in the accident. Yamini Malhotra, who played the role of ‘Shivani’ in the serial, expressed concern while commenting and asked about her health. However, the teenager said that everyone in the car was safe.

    Post by Kishori Shahan.

    Kishori Shahane is a big name in Marathi cinema
    Kishori Shahane is playing the role of Virat’s aunt in the show ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’. Bhabani’s strange chemistry with birds, sai and giants is often seen in shows. Kishori Shahne has been active in the world of entertainment for the last three decades. So far he has worked on many superhit projects. Kishori is a bigger name in Marathi cinema than Hindi. Kishori is also a trained classical and folk dancer.

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