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    RIP Siddharth Shukla: Siddharth Shukla could not live without his mother even for a moment, his demands were met even after the financial crisis

    The death of popular TV actor Siddharth Shukla has created a wave of hobbies in the TV and Bollywood industry. People are paying homage to him on social media. No one can believe the death of Siddhartha Shukla. Siddhartha Shukla was very close to his mother. While she was modeling, her father (Siddhartha Shukla’s father) died of a lung disorder. Since then his mother Rita Shukla has taken care of him. He also has two sisters.

    In an interview after his father left, Siddhartha Shukla spoke about his mother’s struggle. Siddhartha (Siddhartha Shukla’s mother) said in an interview with Humanities of Bombay, “When my father died 15-16 years ago, it was as if the roof had been taken off our heads. But my mother was as strong as a mountain. He never gave up and never let himself be broken. “Siddhartha added that his financial situation was not good, but his mother met all his demands and raised his three children well.

    Siddhartha Shukla (Siddhartha Shukla Interviews) added, “I know that he had to give up many of his desires to meet our needs.” Let us tell you that Siddhartha was the youngest of three siblings and was therefore the darling of the mother. He lived with his mother most of the time. Siddhartha said in the interview that he could not stay away from his mother even for a second. He said that when his mother was making bread, he had a cylinder in one hand and Siddhartha himself was in his lap.

    Siddhartha Shukla was born on 12 December 120. She graduated with a degree in interior designing. And later worked as a civil engineer in RBI. In 2005, she participated in the ‘World Best’ model competition. The competition was held in Turkey. He is the first Indian and Asian to win the title. People from Latin America and Europe came to this competition. After winning ‘Bigg Boss 13’, its brand value increased. He also appeared in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ as a senior.

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