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    Deepika is unable to sleep even after bringing the child home, shared the video

    New Delhi: TV industry’s new mother Deepika Kakar is in news for premature delivery. She recently gave birth to a premature baby, who was admitted to the ICU. But now she has returned to the country with her husband Shoaib Ibrahim and their newborn. He has been discharged from the hospital. Please say that her son was in the NICU for about 20 days. The child was discharged from the hospital yesterday (July 10).

    The actress is very happy after coming home with her son. Besides him, his family is also very happy. Meanwhile, Deepika shared a vlog of herself and the child, in which she is seen getting very emotional. New mom Deepika Kakkar’s latest video looks like she really has to go through a lot of emotions. She is very happy now though.

    In the latest video, Deepika and Shoaib were seen together once again. In the video, Shoaib tells Deepika how he feels. In this regard, Deepika said, ‘I am very happy. So relieved because we are finally home. A different glow on my face. Even if you can’t sleep, there is a mark on your face. I no longer sleep Shoaib, but relief is on our faces. It is a matter of happiness that now our child will be with all of us after returning home. As everyone was waiting for him.
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    The video shows Deepika-Shoeb’s journey from hospital to home with their baby. Next, both family members are shown introducing the children. The family members are very happy to see the baby. After this it is seen that Deepika has tears in her eyes and starts crying. She gets more emotional and says, “As a mother, when you see everyone is so happy. After keeping myself strong for so long I am overwhelmed with all the emotions. So lucky that we keep saying we are blessed for all the blessings and prayers you have showered on her. As a mother I can say thank you.

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