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    Death of Siddhartha Shukla: Holy Poonia talks about Shahnaz and Siddhartha’s relationship – ‘Both were no less than husband and wife’

    Mumbai: The untimely death of Siddhartha Shukla has given a deep shock to the industry. His fans, co-stars and industry friends are still trying to recover from the shock. But, meanwhile, the biggest concern for Siddhartha Shukla fans is his mother Rita Shukla and Shehnaz Gill. Several actors have expressed their concern for Siddharth’s family and his alleged girlfriend Shehnaz Gill, who was with him at his last moment.

    Recently, Bigg Boss 14 contestant Holy Punia opened her mouth about the relationship with the late actor Shehnaz. Siddharth and Shahnaz met during Bigg Boss 13 and gradually their friendship became so deep that their pair became a hit among the fans. Fans named him ‘Sydnaz’. But, now that Siddhartha has left, ‘Sidnaz’ also remains incomplete. In such a situation, Holy Punia says about the relationship between Siddhartha and Shahnaz that their relationship was no less than that of husband and wife.

    “When I see Shahnaz today, my face is shaking,” Poonia told the Hindustan Times. People like him dream of pure bonds. I wouldn’t say it was friendship or the two were girlfriend-boyfriends. This relationship was no less than that of husband and wife. After Sony-Mahiwal, Romeo-Juliet, people will remember Shahnaz-Siddhartha. His fans are crazy about him. I also love Shahnaz and Siddharth very much. I hope he can come out of the grief of Siddhartha’s departure and be strong. ‘

    The saint also spoke of his relationship with Siddhartha. They worked together on the 2011 show Love You Zindagi. “I worked with him on Love You Zindagi in 2011, which was my first show,” says Pabitra. Back then I didn’t know the modus operandi of the industry. Because of Spillsvilla, I became known as a youth icon and reality star. Siddhartha was very reserve and busy with his work. He was my senior, yet we had problems. I thought he would be the hero of the house. When we sat down to meet Big, he asked me – where was the Holy One ten years ago? He wanted to see Rowdy holy.

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