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    Bigg Boss OTT: Akshara Singh likes Pratik Sahajpal, speaks her heart out with Neha Vasin

    It’s been three weeks since the Bigg Boss OTT. With each passing moment, new turns are coming into the house and the dynamics are changing. Neha Vasin and Akshara Singh were face to face from the first week of the show. There were many conflicts between the two. But after this ‘Sunday Ka Bar’ episode, both of them decided to talk about everything and improve themselves.

    Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh and singer Neha Vasin sat together to clear up each other’s misunderstandings and talk openly about what has happened in recent weeks. Neha Vasin told Akshara that she did not like her ‘Marad Le Jaate Ho’ comment. Akshara reacted and said in her explanation that she had never made such a comment. He said his correct words were ‘look at my man.’

    Neha Vasin asked Akshara Singh why he got angry when he said that he was behaving like his (symbol) wife. Akshara replied that she liked everyone. Neha made it clear to Akshara that she had no idea about her symbol choice.

    Neha Vasin said she had no feelings for the symbol or her former connection Milind Gabar. Akshara warns Neha about Pratak’s game and shares with her that before that when Pratik was her connection, she always followed Neha.

    Akshara further reveals that Pratik always tried to force Neha on herself (Pratik). Akshara warns Neha that Pratik is using her for sports because she is more popular than him where Pratik has only participated in two reality shows so far.

    What happened between Neha and Akshara, Neha herself went and told Pratik and asked him for an answer, which caused both of them to get involved in an argument. Symbol, however, continues to deny all allegations of the letter.

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