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    After fixing the nose, Rakhi Sawant taunted Jasmine Vasin, people said – did not treat the brain?

    Rakhi Sawant is not only the queen of dance, but also the entertainment queen of Bollywood. Rakhi from Bigg Boss 1 14 was in the headlines that now he is often in discussion every day. Last season, Rakhi made headlines for her fight with TV actress Jasmine Vasin, where she accused Jasmine of hurting her nose. About months after the show ended, Rakhi arrived to fix the condition of her nose, a video of which she shared, which people immediately started trolling after watching.

    Rakhi Sawant has recently received treatment for her nose injury. This time, he directly blamed Jasmine Vasin for it and shared a video of her treatment with that video of Bigg Boss 14 fighting. Rakhi shared a video on her Instagram account, where she is seen with a doctor. In the video, he thanks the doctor and says, thank you Dr. Jitesh Sethi. My nose hurt in Big Boss-14. But no one supported me except one or two sitting in the Big.

    Rakhi Sawant added, “After the end of Bigg Boss, now Dr. Jitesh Sethi has operated on my nose. I am very happy because now I am free from pain. Thank you so much for your prayers, love friends.

    After watching this video of Rakhi, people started trolling her. In fact, a few months after the show ended, people didn’t like Rakhi’s work and people started saying that Rakhi now wants to talk about Jasmine’s name again.

    Fans of Jasmine are commenting on this video of Rakhi. One user wrote – Oh madam, you also put your head on the table. Why did you edit the video? Another wrote- After months, I remembered the nose again, how many gimmicks you do. Rakhi, stop lying now. Even the doctor is seen smiling. There is no need to do so much drama for the footage.

    Jasmine shared a post seeing Rakhi being a troll. He wrote- ‘Thank you all for being intelligent and mature and for so much love.’

    Jasmine Vasin shared this in her Insta story.

    Let us tell you that Jasmine Rakhi wore a face shaped mask made of thermocol, after which Rakhi started screaming very loudly. He believed that when Jasmine was wearing that thermocol, her nose hurt. But Jasmine continues to deny that her motives were wrong and Rakhi overreacted. In this context, Salman Khan scolded Jasmine.

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