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    World Tourism Day 2021: Today is World Tourism Day, find out what its history is

    World Tourism Day 2021: Who doesn’t like to travel to new places. People enjoy traveling to new places and come back with lots of memories. No matter how busy people are, they must take time out from this busyness. Some people like to travel with friends, while others plan to travel with their family. But all the people go around from time to time. At the same time, tourism has become a source of employment in the present times and it is home to many people. Not just in India, people go to every corner of the globe and see a different world from their perspective. We tell you that every year September 27 is World Tourism Day. Let us tell you about its history and this year’s theme.

    History of World Tourism Day
    The history of World Tourism Day celebrations is crucial. World Tourism Day was started in 1970 by the World Tourism Organization. Since then, World Tourism Day has been observed for the first time on September 26, 1970 and World Tourism Day has been observed on September 26 every year since then. In October 1997, in Istanbul, Turkey, the 12th UNWTO General Assembly decided that each year one of the organization’s countries would be included as a partner in the celebration of World Tourism Day. World Tourism Day is celebrated in Europe in 2006, South Asia in 2007, America in 2008, Africa in 2009 and countries in the Middle East in 2011. We tell you that the UN General Assembly sets the theme for World Tourism Day every year.

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    The purpose of celebrating World Tourism Day
    Tourism quickly boosts employment and so this day is celebrated on a large scale through World Tourism Day to bring awareness about tourism among the people and to promote tourism even more. Through this day, tourists from home and abroad are attracted to them. The aim is to increase employment for people through tourism. People stay wherever they go, go to new places, shop and enjoy a variety of foods. This is increasing the income of those who are doing business there as well as creating employment opportunities.

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    The theme of World Tourism Day
    Every year this special day is celebrated with a theme. The theme for this year’s World Tourism Day 2021 is Tourism for Inclusive Growth.

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