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    Walk the streets of Vrindavan this Janmashtami, a trip you will remember for a lifetime


    Take a look at Premdham in Vrindavan.
    Banke Bihari Temple has a different charm.

    Vrindavan Tour: Sri Krishna Janmashtami is the birthday of Lord Krishna. The festival of Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp in India. Sri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated not only in India but also abroad. The festival starts after Janmashtami. Janmashtami is celebrated in every corner of the country, but the way of celebrating this festival is unique in Vrindavan, the birthplace of Sri Krishna. If you wish, you can plan a trip to Vrindavan on this special occasion. Staying here for at least two days and enjoying Janmashtami can be a different experience. You will remember this trip to Vrindavan on the occasion of Janmashtami.

    The roads of Vrindavan are special
    The roads in Vrindavan are very narrow, where cars cannot pass. At the same time, if it is the occasion of Janmashtami, it can be a bit difficult to get out on the streets, as a lot of tourists turn up to see Bihari on this occasion.

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    A different light at the Yamuna Ghats
    This Janmashtami trip may feel a bit incomplete if Janmashtami is on the horizon and not visiting the Jamuna Ghats. A boat trip and a dip in the Yamuna is a different story.

    Birth place of Lord Krishna
    Don’t forget to visit Mathura Jail where Lord Krishna was born. Also, don’t forget to visit the temple. The interesting caves here are decorated with idols of Lord Krishna, especially on the day of Janmashtami.

    Go to Banke Bihari temple
    People come from far and wide to the temple of Bankebihari. Deity forms of Lord Krishna and Radharani are seated in this temple. This temple is decorated very beautifully on the occasion of Janmashtami.

    Prem Mandir and ISKCON Mandir
    Whenever you visit the temple in Banke Bihari, also visit the nearby Prem Mandir and ISKCON Mandir. Many types of tables are arranged here on Janmashtami. Apart from this, Sri Krishna’s Bala Leela is also beautifully staged at night. This time the plan is to go to Vrindavan on Janmashtami. A trip planned on the streets of Vrindavan on Janmashtami will be remembered for a lifetime.

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