Wednesday, October 4, 2023

    Unbalanced Sanjit Naka Overbridge even after the deadline

    Shadab Chowdhury/Mandsaur: The work of overbridge constructed at a cost of Tk 30 crore in Sanjit block of the city is not yet completed. Bhumi Puja of this overbridge took place in 2018. But today, half of the year 2023 has passed, but the work is not finished. So people of more than a dozen villages including about 15 colonies are facing problems every day. Residents around the over bridge are forced to cross the track risking their lives.

    The topic of discussion is the department and MLA

    This bridge is being discussed with the demands of the department and the MLA. MLA Yashpal Singh Sisodia gave an ultimatum to complete the bridge by March 2023, but the work could not be completed, after which the matter was raised in the Assembly during the budget session. The departmental minister claimed that the work would be completed in June itself. Now after the MLA’s promise the term of the departmental minister has also expired but the work is still incomplete. As it is near the railway station from Sanjit Naka, there is a lot of train traffic here. In such a situation, people are crossing the railway line risking their lives.

    Blacklisted the company

    According to the information, officials are getting heavy on the blacklisted company. Due to the delay, notices were given to the overbridge construction company several times but no action was taken even once. The company has even been blacklisted.

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