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    Tourism News: After Corona, tourist spots start buzzing again, find out where most tourists are arriving.

    New Delhi. The tourism industry, which had come to a standstill in the Kashmir Valley due to Corona, has resumed. Tourists from home and abroad are coming to visit here. Tourism is back 80 percent more than before. According to MakeMyTrip, Srinagar is one of the most booked air routes. Here hotel bookings have increased 100%. Meanwhile, the Union Tourism Minister also arrived in Srinagar on Thursday morning to discuss local tourism.

    The tourism industry in Jammu and Kashmir suffered after Section 370 was repealed in 2019. After a while the situation started to return to normal, then in March 2020 Corona hit, causing damage to the entire tourism industry. After the first and second wave of Corona, now the tourism industry has started to develop again. A large number of tourists have started coming to many tourist places including Srinagar, Pahelgaon, Gulmarg, Somgarm etc. According to Bipul Prakash, COO, McMyTrip, the family is growing very fast The number of tourists in Kashmir has increased tremendously. The most booked flights are Delhi-Srinagar and Mumbai-Srinagar flights. Hotel bookings here have increased by a hundred percent.

    After Corona, the Kashmir Valley began to prosper again.

    Dal Lake in Srinagar is also a tourist hotspot. Javed, who owns Heaven Dry Fruits here, said about 70 per cent more tourists have returned than before. He said tourism could increase further during the festival, as people have not been able to go for the last one and a half years due to corona, so more tourists are expected to come. Mudassar, a taxi driver from Srinagar, said tourists have started coming here almost as before. Tourists are going to tourist places like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahelgaon by taxi.

    The Union Tourism Minister has reached Srinagar

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    Northeast Union Minister for Tourism, Culture and Development G. Kisan Reddy arrives in Srinagar on Thursday morning

    Northeast Union Minister for Tourism, Culture and Development G. Kisan Reddy arrives in Srinagar on Thursday morning. He will meet the locals here. Apart from this, the possibility is being expressed that he will meet and discuss with the people associated with the tourism industry here.

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