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    The central government will introduce tourists to the birthplace and birthplace of Netaji Subhash Chand Basu.

    New Delhi. The central government has made preparations to make the general public aware of the birthplace and birthplace of Netaji Subhash Chand Bose. The Ministry of Tourism has launched three circuits to connect different parts of the country with Netaji Subhash Chand Basu. Through this circuit, people will get a chance to see Netaji related places up close.

    These three circuits will have three and four day tour packages. People will be able to see Netaji related places under this package at their convenience. Under the circuit, places related to Netaji have been identified in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Kolkata and Manipur. The Ministry of Tourism has already built many circuits like Buddha Circuit, Ramayana Circuit. The circuit will be as follows.

    The first circuit will be for four days, it will include Delhi, Meerut, Dalhouse, Delhi, Surat.

    Day 1 Mirat 98 km from Delhi. Here you can see town hall, martyr memorial, independence museum. Here Netaji gave a speech in 1940.

    Day 2: Dalhousie from Meerut to Himachal Pradesh 554 km. People will see it.

    On the 3rd day return to Delhi 560 km from Dalhousie.

    Day 4 – Haripura Surat, Flight, Netaji was elected National President of the Indian National Congress at the Haripura session held here in 1938.

    The second circuit will be for four days, so that tourists can see Kolkata, Rujajo and Moirang.

    On the first and second day, you will arrive at Rujjho on a 150 km road from Kolkata to Dimapur. Where INA was headquartered for operations.

    Days 3 and 4 – 235 km. You will see the INA Memorial in the distance.

    The third circuit will have a three-day journey, including Cuttack to Kolkata and Andaman.

    Day 1: Janakinath Bhavan, where Netaji spent his childhood. Tourists will arrive here.

    Day 2: Stuart School, where Netaji received his primary education.

    Day 3 – Revenge Collegiate School, where he attended high school in 1909.

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