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    The Andaman and Nicobar group of 570 islands, will amaze you with its heavenly beauty


    The blue water of the sea here will make you go crazy.
    The capital Port Blair also has many historical monuments.

    Andaman and Nicobar Tour: If you want to visit a unique place and have some new experience, then this is the time you can plan a trip to Andaman and Nicobar. It is a group of 570 islands and the people here hold this part in a different culture. The people, culture and language here will make you feel a little different from other languages ​​of India. The land here welcomes many tourists every year and this time you too can join them. From December to March there is little heat and this season is considered prime. Also, the months have mixed weather. Let’s know how to plan a tour to this unique place.

    Why go here?
    If you are a beach lover and love doing activities, definitely make a plan for Andaman. You can enjoy the beach here. One can enjoy things like water sports, adventure and luxury travel. This place is also best for honeymoon.

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    Know the main attractions here

    • The capital here is Port Blair and from here you can explore various islands. Here you will find very beautiful beaches.
    • Some of the major attractions here include Cellular Jail, Forest Museum, Gandhi Park, Diglipur Island.
    • Here you are going to be attracted to more than flora and fauna. You can do activities like scuba diving to see them up close.

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    What activities can you do?
    Here you can do many things like cruises, swimming with elephants, sea plane rides, caving, island hopping, bird watching. Apart from this, doing adventure activities like trekking is also a memorable experience.

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