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    News from the Ministry of Tourism: The government is preparing to fully introduce tourism in the country, find out when

    New Delhi. The government has started preparations to fully introduce tourism in the country. The tourism promotion was suspended in March last year after the outbreak of corona. Now that the Corona’s influence is waning and vaccination is accelerating, preparations are being made to open up to tourism. Northeast Union Minister for Tourism, Culture and Development G. Kishan Reddy G Kishan Reddy told News18Hindi that if the situation is normal, tourism will be fully opened from January 1 next year.

    Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy has said that the ministry is preparing to fully open tourism from January 1 next year if the situation returns to normal. The Ministry of Tourism will also run various schemes and programs to invite tourists. He says that by December, almost everyone over the age of 18 will be vaccinated. In such a situation tourism can be completely opened. Even though tourism is on now, no initiative is being taken by the ministry. The ministry will take this initiative from January next year. On the other hand, the journey to Chardham has also been allowed. Thus the tourism industry is likely to open up gradually.

    Consider a tourist visa

    The number of corona cases is decreasing across the country. So the central government is thinking of reintroducing tourist visas soon to boost the economy. According to Home Ministry sources, the government may take a decision soon. There is a possibility that the government may only allow visas for such tourists who have received both doses of the vaccine. It is noteworthy that the tourist visa has been suspended since March 2020. Many categories of visas, such as business, employment and others, were waived, but restrictions on tourist visas continued. However, many Gulf countries have reintroduced tourist visas.

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