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    NCR Transport News: Vehicles, colors and logos will be different in NCR city from October, know the plan

    New Delhi. From October, cars will be able to come to four NCR cities without stopping. Instead of paying separate taxes for four states, taxes should be paid in the same state. These vehicles can be recognized remotely, so their colors and logos are also ready to be designed differently. Officials say the four states will sign MoUs by October, with new arrangements likely to begin in 10 to 15 days. According to officials, this will stop tax evasion and increase employment opportunities.

    The recent meeting of the Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB) has decided on the Combined Mutual Integrated Transport Agreement (CRCT) for carrying state transport and contracts between Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. After this agreement, the driver will have to pay tax in one state only, after which he will be able to come to the NCR city of four states without stopping. Currently, drivers have to pay separate taxes for the four states of the NCR. For this reason, tax evasion was given.

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    Arun Kumar, RTO, Ghaziabad, NCR, Uttar Pradesh, said the MoU would cover state buses, autos, taxis, carriage buses and all State Transport Undertakings (STUs) in NCR. He said the first school buses would be brought under the MoU.

    This will be an advantage

    RTO Arun Kumar said many times the taxi driver at the airport said he did not pay Haryana tax. So you can’t go there. Or if he takes a ride, he deducts tax at the border, so that the passenger has to wait. After signing the MoU, where the car will be, the tax will be deducted, which will be valid in NCR cities of the four states. Different colors and logos will also be prepared so that these vehicles are recognized remotely. He said the number of vehicles is increasing by 5 to 10 percent every year.

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