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    Ministry of Railways is preparing to run Bande Bharat Express on all busy routes, you know when?

    New Delhi. By 2024, the semi-high speed train Bande Bharat Express will start plying on all the busy routes in the country. The Ministry of Railways has started preparations for this. By March 2024, more than 100 Bande Bharat Express racks will be built. The ministry has included these racks in the production plan. Most of these racks will be made at ICF Chennai.

    The Ministry of Railways has been fully active. More than 100 Bande Bharat Express will be built in the next three years for better and more convenient travel of passengers. According to ministry officials, the upcoming Bande Bharat Express will run on various busy routes in the country. The ministry has prepared a production plan for this. There are 42 racks (672 coaches) in FY 2022-23 and 59 racks (944) in FY 2023-24.

    Of the 42 racks produced in FY 2022-23, 22 will be at Integral Coach Factory (ICF) Chennai, 10 at Modern Coach Factory (MCF) Rae Bareli and Rail Factory Kapurthala (RCF), Kapurthala. At the same time, in FY 2023-24, ICF will build 30 racks at Chennai, 15 at Modern Coach Factory (MCF) in Rae Bareli and 14 at Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala (RCF). Of these, 52 racks will be made at ICF Chennai, the highest in both the years. Thus 101 racks i.e. 1616 coaches will be prepared in both the years.

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    By 2024, India will have 105 slaves

    At present there are two closed India trains. Two trains will be ready at ICF Chennai this financial year. These have also been included in the production plan for FY 2021-22. Thus, by March 2024, India racks will be available in 105 bonds in the country. The two existing Indian trains in the country have been operated on the Delhi to Varanasi and Delhi to Katra routes.

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