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    Millions of butterflies fly in the butterfly forest of Karnataka, a beautiful sight in the rain


    This famous butterfly forest in Karnataka is called ‘Bisle Ghat’.
    Migratory butterflies can be seen in this dense forest.

    Butterfly forest in IndiaWhenever the thought of traveling comes to mind, people plan to go to a favorite place between mountains and beaches. People can see the natural beauty in the mountains, there they can relax and have fun by the sea. If nature delights your mind, then you will fall in love with the Butterfly Forests of Karnataka. There are thousands of species of butterflies. Apart from this, you can spend time among the chirping of birds and greenery. This forest is one of the densest forests in India, the Prajapati Forest located in Karnataka, South India. This forest is surrounded by Kodagu, Malnad and Dakshina Kannada in Karnataka.

    Butterfly forest name
    This famous butterfly forest in Karnataka is called ‘Bisle Ghat’. The specialty of Bisle Ghat Forest is that it is home to millions of butterflies. Migratory butterflies can be seen in this dense forest. There are many types of butterflies in this forest like Common Castor, Common Glass Yellow, Common Jay, Plain Tiger, Spotted Parrot, Line Blue, Bolka Parrot, Dinghy Swift etc. Besides, thousands of birds can be seen in this forest.

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    How to reach Butterfly Forest
    This forest is located in Sakleshpur in Hassan district of Karnataka. To reach here, you can come by Sakleshpur bus or train. Taxis and buses also ply from Sakleshpur to Vishale Ghat, which is 250 km away.

    Best time to visit Bisle Ghat
    If you love nature, you can come and spend some relaxing moments in this green forest. Best time to visit Bisle Ghat is during Monsoon season. In the rains you can see not only butterflies but also migratory birds in this valley.

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