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    Make sure to pack these 5 things before going to the mountains, the journey will be happy and safe


    If you are going to hike in the mountains, then definitely carry a power bank.
    Carry all routine medicines with you.

    Items must be carried during travel: People often want to go to the mountains away from the noise, heat, pollution of the city. Walking in the mountains for a few days gives a sense of calmness and relaxation. People living around Delhi often prefer to go to Himachal or Uttarakhand on weekends. They feel refreshed after celebrating their weekend in the nearby mountains. If you too are planning to go to the mountains for a vacation next weekend, we will tell you some important things, which you can use to make your trip happy and safe. Travel Triangle Let’s find out what things are important to pack in your bag before going to the mountains.

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    cold clothes After dealing with the heat of the hot city, people who go to the mountains think that there will not be too much cold and whatever, can be easily tolerated. In such a situation, you must realize that you are doing something wrong. Don’t forget to pack warm clothes for going to the mountains.

    Trekking shoes- Don’t make the mistake of not taking shoes when going to the mountains. This mistake can cost you dearly. Trekking shoes help to grip the foot on the uphill and downhill roads. If you want to explore the mountains well, don’t forget to bring trekking shoes.

    Power Bank- The journey to the mountains is long. It is not necessary that we find a way to charge phones everywhere. Carry a power bank before going to the mountains in such situations. Leave it after charging from home.

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    Raincoats and umbrellas Now is the rainy season. In such a situation, it will rain in the mountains too. If you don’t want to get sick while enjoying, definitely keep an umbrella and raincoat with you to protect yourself from the rain. This is an important point in terms of weather.

    Medicines – If you are going on a long trip, carry some medicines that are used for common cold or body aches in addition to your routine medicines. Keep some ointment with you to relieve the pain. Do not take any medicine without doctor’s advice.

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