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    It is very beautiful, Lansdowne, nestled in the lap of the hills, will win hearts with its attractive views


    Bhulla Tal is an excellent location in the heart of Lansdowne.
    The natural beauty of Lansdowne will drive you crazy.

    Travel to Lansdowne: Wandering completely calms the mind and the mind is also very calm. If we go for a walk in a beautiful and quiet place, it is also good for our mental health. One such place is Lansdowne in Uttarakhand, known for its military beauty. This place is best if you want to see breathtaking view of Himalayan peaks during sunrise or sunset. Along with this, a plus point is that you won’t get bored on this route as military routes are also going to make your heart happy. If you want, you can explore this place yourself next weekend. Let’s know which places attract tourists in this place.

    These are the main attractions
    Tadkeshwar Mahadev Temple is the most beautiful temple here and if you want to meditate for peace of mind or keep yourself free from anxiety then this temple is going to be the best. Bhulla Tal is one kilometer from Lansdowne town centre. It is very good place for tourists. Activities like boating can be done here. If you are interested in cultural and artistic things, you can visit Darwan Singh Museum here.

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    These places will win hearts
    If you want to go to a higher place and enjoy the mountains, you can go to the tip top point. You can also do photography here. Family members can also visit the Rifles War Memorial. You can visit St. John’s Church here on Mall Road. Apart from this there is St. Mary’s Church. If you want to go somewhere exotic, go to Bheem Pakora. Where a stone is placed upon another stone. You can also go to Hawaghar to enjoy the beautiful view.

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