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    Indian Railways: Book tickets with Tejas Express and IRCTC to celebrate birthdays on moving trains

    New Delhi. It is common to celebrate birthdays at home, in hotels and banquets, but if you want to celebrate birthdays on a moving train, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) will make all the arrangements and if you do not have to. Its cost, then IRCTC introduced a special scheme for. To celebrate the birthday of the passenger while traveling on the Tejas Express. For this you have to book tickets only on Tejas Express. IRCTC has all the details of the passengers who have booked tickets. With the same details, the IRCTC can know the date of the birthday and the staff of Tejas Express celebrates the birthday on the moving train.

    The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has resumed operations on the Tejas Express from August 6 after the second wave of Corona. IRCTC is continuously introducing some schemes for the passengers traveling on this train. This time, plans have been made to celebrate the birthday on the moving train. On the train, the IRCTC arranges everything from cakes to cakes and the entire coach passengers are involved in the celebration.

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    The IRCTC has also made arrangements so that if the ticket is booked by someone else, due to which the IRCTC does not have your birthday information, passengers can give information to the staff of Tejas Express at the station, such as cake arranged. I have to.

    During the journey, employees of the Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express are celebrating a birthday.

    Passengers prefer

    During the journey, people are not aware of birthday celebrations by IRCTC. But when IRCTC staff arrives at the seat with the cake, the passengers are overjoyed. Aarti Mishra, who was traveling on the Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express, and Ankur Shukla’s birthday celebrations were in full swing, which was a surprise for them. He said such festivals usually cost millions of rupees. For example, if someone wants to celebrate on a ship, they have to book a ship, but here IRCTC is celebrating birthday only by booking tickets without extra charge, it is a good initiative.

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