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    If you also feel dizzy and nauseous while traveling, get rid of it this way

    Many people have problems like nausea, dizziness and nausea while traveling in cars and buses. In this situation, it is a long way to enjoy the journey, it also becomes very difficult to complete the journey. Due to these reasons, the memories of the trip often become so bad that the name of the trip also gets scared. If this is the case with you, then here are some ways to get rid of these problems. By adopting which you can make your trip easy and memorable. Let’s find out now.

    Put fried cloves in the mouth

    If you feel dizzy while traveling, you can take the help of fried cloves for this. Put a clove in your mouth before starting the journey. If you do not want to chew cloves all the time, you can roast cloves and make a powder of it and keep it with you. Whenever you experience this problem, you can take it immediately.

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    Lemon-salt will help

    Problems with nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc. during travel can be eaten by dipping lemon juice in water and mixing it with salt. Be sure to take lemon, salt and water with you before traveling.

    Citrus fruits and juices

    Carry citrus fruit or its juice with you when traveling. Whenever you have problems like nausea, dizziness and nausea, you should eat it. You will also feel very comfortable in it.

    Ginger will relax

    When traveling, peel the ginger and cut it into pieces and always keep it with you. Whenever you have problems like nausea and vomiting while traveling, keep sucking ginger pieces in your mouth. If you want, you can put a piece of ginger in your mouth from the beginning of the journey till you reach the destination.

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    Mint will also give rest

    You can take the help of mint to get rid of dizziness and nausea while traveling. For this, keep it with mint sherbet or pana and drink it before the journey. You can also take the help of mint tablets for this if you want. (Claim: The information and data provided in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi News 18 does not confirm them. Please contact the relevant experts before implementing these.)

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