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    Explore Hassan in Karnataka in Monsoon, the trip will be memorable


    Dwarasamudra, the capital of the Hoysals, is the main attraction.
    Manjarabad Fort was built by Tipu Sultan.

    Hassan Travels: We have very few options for traveling in the rain and we like to travel a lot when the weather is good. If you are in the same dilemma, then you can visit Hassan in Karnataka. Come here you will find nature as well as history. Here you are going to enjoy visiting places like coffee fields, Bisle Ghat. When it rains, there is greenery all around. A

    If you go on a guided trek, it is absolutely safe to go here. While trekking in this season you can see the nature as well as come across the habitat of wild animals. Learn about other features.

    Full of adventure
    You can see animals very closely. The trip here is safe as well as full of adventure for you. Here you can take the help of a local guide for trekking in the dense forest.

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    As your trekking journey ends, you will learn about the history here. Dwarsamudra, the capital of the Hoysals, is the main attraction here and the French missionaries also visited from this city at that time. This means you will get to see beautiful architecture here.

    18th century Manjarabad Fort is the best place. It is an Islamic architectural building built by Tipu Sultan. It looks like an 8 pointed star. From here you will also get a view of the Western Ghats.

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    Shetihali village
    Don’t forget to visit the Shettihali village on the banks of the Hemavati River. The village was settled by French missionaries in 1860. Jaggery and eggs are used in its construction materials. The place becomes more dramatic during the monsoon season. That is why it is best to visit here during this season as you are going to get much better views during this time.

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