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    Adorned with beautiful scenery in monsoons, Lonavala will amaze you with its beauty


    Lonavala is located near Mumbai and you can reach here easily.
    It is a hill station, where you can see the wonderful view of nature.

    Lonavala Travel: If you want to see a fascinating view of nature with the monsoon rains, then you should plan to visit Lonavala, which is 80 km from Mumbai. This hill town becomes very picturesque during monsoons. If you are from outside Mumbai, you can plan to come here. Many people think that there are some places that can be visited here. If all these questions are in your mind then we have brought for you Lonavala Monsoon Tour Plan. By the time you read this, you’ll have half your trip planned and you’ll be energized, which will calm down once you reach Lonavala. Know the tourism plan of Lonavala.

    Main attraction of Lonavala
    Photography can be done by visiting Bushi Dam and this place is great for nature lovers as the scenery here is truly breathtaking. If you want to go to an area surrounded by forests, you have to go to Pabna dam and lake. You can also do activities like parasailing, jet ski and boating while visiting here.

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    Beautiful view of sunset
    If you are adventure lover and you like trek etc then you should visit Tiger Leap. It is a rock and you can do trekking here. If you want to enjoy the sunset view, you must go to Line Point. Here you can enjoy a camel ride. If you are a foodie and want to try new places, you can visit places like Golden Vada Pav, Rudra El Taj, The Kinara Village Dhaba.

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