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    Woman scientist who developed covid vaccine comes to watch Wimbledon, whole stadium stands in honor, watch video

    New Delhi. Wimbledon 2021, the third Grand Slam of the year has begun. Players like Novak Djokovic took to the court on the first day of the tournament, but the first day was named after a woman. The camera was focused on a woman. The entire stadium stood up in his honor. The stadium burst into applause. The woman in whose honor the entire stadium stood was the famous virologist Sarah Gilbert. The covid vaccine was developed because of Sarah. It was this woman scientist who developed the Oxford AstraZeneca Corona vaccine.

    The tournament organizers invited Gilbert, along with staff from Britain’s National Health Service, to sit in the Royal Box on the first day to watch the match. Djokovic wanted to serve 19-year-old wild card Jack Draper, when it was announced that vaccine developers and people linked to the National Health Service were sitting in the Royal Box. Due to which the tournament is possible.

    The entire stadium then gave a standing ovation in Gilbert’s honor. Commentator Boris said it was a very emotional moment. Wimbledon had to be canceled last year due to the corona virus. Even before the corona vaccine, Sarah Gilbert’s name was associated with the malaria vaccine. Born in the UK in 1962, Sarah is described by her peers as a person of strong purpose.

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    After getting a job at Oxford, Sarah never looked back in her professional life. From becoming a professor at the Jenner Institute to building his own research team, he took on the responsibility of developing a flu vaccine for the entire world. He then led the Ebola vaccine trial in 2014. After that, Sarah also traveled to Arab countries to develop a vaccine against the virus that was spreading in the Middle East.

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