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    Wimbledon 2021: Andy Murray returns to court after 4 years, forced to stop after more cheers from fans

    Wimbledon. When Andy Murray arrived to play his first match in four years at the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the crowd gave him a warm welcome. Murray smiled and accepted the audience’s greetings. The crowd roared with joy when Murray won the first set against 24th seed Nikoloz Basilashvili in their first-round match. His joy knew no bounds after winning the second set. It looked like Murray would settle the score in the third set. The spectators were cheering him on all the way, but suddenly Murray’s suffering increased. He lost two match points and then lost the third set as well. The audience panicked.

    After all, this is Murray, who won Wimbledon in 2013 and became the first British player to win the All England Club title in 77 years. He was champion here again in 2016, but two hip operations and other injuries put his career on hold.

    The decibel needle was ticking

    Murray’s fans got even more excited when he took the lead in the fourth set. The 34-year-old did not let the center court get angry as he defeated Basilashvili 6-4, 6-3, 5-7, 6-3. The ‘decibel’ (a unit of sound intensity) needle was floating in the roar of the audience. It’s normal for Murray to be interrupted during an on-court interview, but the players are happy and so are the spectators. “I’ve been asked if this will be my last Wimbledon, will this be my last match,” Murray said. I don’t know why I am asked like this. I want to continue playing. i want to play

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    Try everything to get back

    When the intensity of the noise reaches its peak, Murray also has to stop. When the noise subsided, Murray raised his voice. He said, I am enjoying it. I can still play at the top level. He is ranked 28 in the world and I hardly played a match and I beat him. Murray, a former world number one, has a world ranking of 118 today. He did not participate in any competition for three months. He was playing his sixth match of the season, 30 matches less than Basilashvili. He said, I could not come to the court. I was very disappointed, but I continued to work hard. I did everything necessary to make a comeback. I feel lucky to have the chance to do it again.

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