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    Uttar Pradesh: Inspector Fugitive who received the award for heroism in the encounter, you know why?

    Lucknow. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in many districts of the Braj region. There is anger in Mathura and Firozabad. In Mathura, 7-8 children have died in the last two-three weeks. The death toll in Firozabad has reached 33. No one knows how long this cycle will last, but no one understands why children are dying from dengue, malaria and scrub typhus infections. Statistically speaking, the number of infections is higher in other cities than in Mathura and Firozabad, but there are no deaths. 5-6 children have died in Konah village in Farah block of Mathura. Dr Vikash Singhal, joint director of Vector Borne Disease, who brought in a team of doctors from Lucknow, said dengue, malaria and Scrubifus infections were seen in people suffering from fever. In most cases scrub typhus. At present all the victims are in good health.

    This is serious in the case of children
    Singhal says the most serious cause of death in children is that they die on the second or third day of the fever. The children who died were also infected with three diseases from which other people became infected. Here the situation is now under control.

    … Then what is the reason
    Senior Pediatrician Dr. Sharad Gupta, who was president of the Indian Medical Association in Agra, described some of the causes of the children’s deaths. He said there is a web of quacks in the entire Braj region. When the children get fever, the villagers take medicine from this quack. You must have waited several days for the fever to go down. In lesser absence, the query doctor would prescribe more medication. Fake doctors do not understand the dosage of drugs. This is a very dangerous situation for children. Many such children must have had excessive doses of the drug. Steroids have also been given. Because of this, someone’s liver and someone’s kidneys were damaged. There was also a heart attack. For this reason, he died within a few days of his illness. Those who have even reached a government hospital or a private doctor, their health has improved.

    The first 3 to 7 days are critical
    Dr. Neeraj Yadav, Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Sarojini Naidu Medical College, Agra, reported the deaths of the children. He said that 3 to 7 days is very important in diseases like dengue, malaria and scrubtifus. At this point, the children are stunned by the lack of proper treatment. That is, the heart is not able to function properly due to lack of water and other chemicals in the body. For this reason, essential substances are not able to reach the body parts. That is why children are dying of hard attacks, kidney, liver failure, shortness of breath and bleeding. Most of the children who arrived at SN Medical College were brought in critical condition.

    What is the reason for not fogging
    There is no doubt that during the ongoing fight against corona, attention to other diseases was greatly reduced. Mosquito bites cause dengue and malaria. Mosquitoes die because of the fog, but it’s not that easy. Dr. Vik Bikash Singhal said that fogging does not give much relief in such diseases. These mosquitoes breed mostly at home. The effects of fog are not effective indoors. In such a situation, people should see that the rain water does not stop in the cooler or any other place inside the house. Our team has found a place to clean the frozen water by going door to door in some villages. Asha workers and village heads have been engaged in this work to make people aware.

    40 children have died!
    On the other hand, Firozabad BJP MLA Manish Asija says children have died in the district in the last few days. In most cases, fever and lack of blood platelets were the causes. At the same time, CMO Firozabad says, recent children have died due to dengue and viral. It does not represent the third wave of the corona. A team of medical experts has come to investigate.

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