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    UP: Order to increase serious section against people accused of illegal conversion

    Lucknow. Satish Chandra, general secretary of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), is working hard to get the mixed Brahmins to join the party, while his wife is also taking part in a campaign to get women to join the BSP. In this episode, the second Women’s Enlightenment Conference program was organized at the Lucknow office. The conference was led by Kalpana Mishra, wife of Satish Chandra Mishra. A large number of women from all over the state attended the conference.

    Kalpana Mishra said that Satish Chandra Mishra is going to every district to make it a department. As a wife, I have a moral obligation to help as much as possible. He said we know that women have a circle. They have to face all kinds of problems to get out of the house in the society. Behen Ji (Mayawati) broke all the limitations and boundaries of the society and dedicated her life for the betterment of women and this society.

    Today we also have to come out of our house and stand firmly for Behen G so that Behen G’s government can be formed again. He said that Sister G ruled with a discipline. In his government, all the thugs lived on their bill like rats. May our sisters, daughters and mothers all be safe. They can even leave their home at 2am and go anywhere unhindered. But you have all seen how heinous crimes against women are being committed in the socialist government and the BJP government.

    Kalpana Mishra while attacking the SP said that hooliganism started in the SP government. The land mafia cycle became active. If anyone’s land was like this land mafia, they would occupy it. In the name of development, the SP people stuck their names in the projects of the Behen G government. Be it Metro, Park or Lucknow-Agra Expressway. How did the law and order break? You have all seen.

    The BJP’s faults have been counted and attacked

    Kalpana Mishra also surrounds the BJP. He said the BJP only wants votes in the name of Ram Lalla. He said that we have recently come through Ayodhya, there is no construction of any kind. They all saw how the daughter of Unnao and the daughter of Hatras suffered under the BJP government. A minor girl was raped by a BJP MLA and the government tried to save her. I thank Behen G and the media brothers who did not allow this issue to be suppressed.

    The girl was raped in Hathras and then the government sat in Lucknow to cover her up. The girl’s body was cremated in the absence of her family. Such incidents happen every day, but they use their power to suppress cases of harassment and oppression of women. The lamp of the Brahmin family is going out in the name of the so-called criminal.

    If there is a criminal, arrest him and put him in jail, try him according to the rules, in fact if he has committed a crime, the court will punish him, but this government is working to ruin our honeymoon for our mothers and sisters. The BJP government is famous for making false promises.

    Currently inflation has broken records. The government has targeted our kitchen. The cylinder reached 900. The oil used in cooking has reached 200. Pulses have exceeded 100, a poor family is able to eat one meal at a time. Petrol and diesel prices skyrocket. Today poor and middle class families are facing mountain-like problems to run their houses. This is being developed into government-sold TV news channels. Development is far from ground reality.

    Development work has been calculated for the BSP term

    Calculating the success of the BSP government, Kalpana Mishra said that you can see how much development has taken place in the entire state under the Behenji government. Lucknow is in front of you as an example. During the reign of Behen G, wide roads were built in the capital. Large and luxurious parks have been created, where you all go for a walk with your family. Before that, except for the maze and Imambara, there was nothing to roam in the state capital Lucknow. Behen G’s government, among others, provided Rs 100,000 to poor upper caste girls born on January 15, after 200 years of age.

    Mathura, Vrindavan was developed only under BSP rule. At that time we met Hema Malini G at the airport, who admired Mathur for seeing the beauty of Vrindavan. In Mathura Vrindavan only your government is praised.

    Appealing to the people, he said that I am putting all these things in front of you so be careful if you are confused by the false promises of BJP and SP. In 2022, work for the formation of Behen G’s government so that the future of the state and all of you is bright and they can get a proper answer to their false promises.


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