Monday, December 4, 2023

    The US Open champion will receive $26 million, with a total prize money of $60 million


    The US Open champion will receive $26 million
    The total prize money is $60 million
    Players who enter the main draw will receive $80,000

    New York. The US Open singles champion will receive $2.6 million this year, while the total prize money for the Grand Slam, which begins on August 29, is $60 million for the first time. The American Tennis Association said Thursday that players who advance to the main draw will receive $80,000, while those who reach the second round will receive $121,000.

    Before the Corona pandemic, in 2019, the champion received $39 million and the loser in the first round was paid $58,000. Those who advance to the quarterfinals will receive $445,000 and those who play in the semifinals will receive $705,000. The runner-up will be awarded $1.3 million.

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    Last time the total prize money was $55 million. The prize money at the Australian Open this year was $52 million, while the prize money at Wimbledon and the French Open was about $49 million.

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