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    Rotten body of National Conference leader in Delhi, death threat, Omar Abdullah mourns

    New Delhi. A commotion broke out in the Basai Darapur area of ​​West Delhi on Thursday morning, when police received news that there was a stench inside a flat. A team of local police then reached the third floor of a house in Basai Darapur. However, police found a lock outside the flat where the smell was coming from. After that, when the police team broke down the door and reached inside, a rotten corpse was lying there. Looks like that person died 4-5 days ago. The deceased was identified as Trilochan Singh Wazir, an MLC from the National Conference, police said. At the same time, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and Vice President of the National Conference Omar Abdullah has expressed grief over the death of Wazir.

    Delhi Police have found a mobile phone near the body, an investigation has revealed that the mobile phone belonged to National Conference Jammu leader Trilochan Singh Wazir. Later, when the police searched the area, it was found that Trilochan Singh had arrived in Delhi from Jammu on September 1 and was scheduled to leave for Canada in September, but he did not catch the flight and has been missing ever since. When family members were looking for him.

    Police are investigating
    As soon as the police confirmed that the body belonged to Trilochan Singh Wazir, the leader of the National Conference, the top officials of the Delhi Police reached the spot and started investigating the matter. Police say the whole matter is being investigated and it is not yet clear under what circumstances the death occurred. Not only that, the police are not saying whether Trilochan Singh Bajri was killed or he died due to some other reason. Police say an FSL team has been called to the scene.

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    Not only that, the mobile phone that Trilochan Singh got from the spot is being investigated. In addition, an attempt is being made to find out when his phone was last used and who he has spoken to before. Delhi Police is also examining footage from all the CCTV cameras in the vicinity to see when he reached this flat in Basai Darapur.

    According to sources, the flat was rented by Harpreet Singh. Now the question is what was Harpreet’s relationship with Trilochan Singh? At the same time, what did Trilochan Singh come here to do? Let me inform you that the leader of the National Conference, Trilochan Singh Wazir, is the chairman of the Transport Association.

    Omar Abdullah has expressed grief
    Expressing grief over the death of Wazir, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and Vice President of the National Conference, Omar Abdullah wrote, “I have received news of the sudden death of my friend Sardar Trilochan Singh Wazir. My last meeting with him. His soul can rest in peace. ‘

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