Friday, September 29, 2023

    Punjab: Engagement breaks up after diamond ring not given, boys brutally beat girl

    Chandigarh. During the ongoing engagement ceremony at a hotel in Rama Mandi, Jalandhar, Punjab, a quarrel broke out between the girl and the boy’s family members over the demand for a diamond ring. The dispute escalated so much that clashes broke out between the two sides. Although the engagement was broken due to not getting a diamond ring, the boys also accused the girl of pulling her hair and beating her. The groom’s party fled the scene after not getting the ring and beating him. Police are looking for them on the basis of allegations made by the girl’s side. The whole incident was captured on CCTV. Police have seized all the footage and started the operation.

    According to police, the girl’s family said in a statement to police that the boys did not demand a diamond ring before the engagement was finalized, but when the engagement ring exchange ceremony began during the engagement on Sunday, the boys gave two start-demanding diamond rings, a gold ring and earrings.

    The two sides clashed over this. At this point, the mediator who was engaged was also called there. Where she said the boy was married before and has two children. He is survived by his first wife. The girl became angry against the married family.

    The boys grabbed the girl by the hair, beat her and dragged her away, the complaint said. Calling the police, the boys left their belongings and gifts at the hotel and fled. Police visited the scene and took CCTV footage from the hotel management. The accused are fugitives. Police claim they will be arrested soon.

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