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    Nainital News: A man who killed his partner by drinking alcohol at night has been sentenced to life imprisonment

    Nainital. In Uttarakhand, Nainital, a city famous for its tourism, has seen dangerous weather for the past few days. Incidents of road breakdowns and landslides have repeatedly hit the headlines. Due to these news, tourism in Nainital, which is called the city of lakes, seems to be lagging far behind compared to the last few weeks. According to a statistic, where a few days ago 70 to 80 percent of hotel bookings were visible, now less than 20 percent remain. Obviously tourists are scared.

    Local hoteliers say tourists have been asking two questions over the past few days to book with them: one, how the roads in the city are closed and second, whether there is a possibility of a major landslide. Let me inform you that last month there was news of a part of the road leading to the Governor’s House in Nainital being broken, then according to the latest news, a crack was found on Nainital Bholali Road and stones fell on Nainital Haldowani Road.

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    The viral video has raised panic among tourists
    Last month, attempts were made to control the crowds in Nainital as well as in Mussoorie after the number of tourists got out of control. Then, with the onset of the monsoon season, the news of landslides and road breakdowns came especially here. In a report, the secretary of the Nainital Hotels Association was quoted as saying that tourists were showing more concern after a video.

    The gruesome scenes in the video related to the landslide on Birbhatti Road created a lot of fear among tourists. The video was widely circulated on social media and national media, where a passenger bus was seen fleeing in a landslide. Since then, the number of calls related to the question of frightened tourists has increased.

    ‘Bholali highway to open soon’
    Pictures of the massive landslide on the way from Nainital to Bhowali have gone viral and the district administration team is engaged in relief work here. The administration says this highway as well as other rural roads will be smoothed soon. The work of opening this highway has been going on since last Friday.

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