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    Fraud warning: ‘You are dead’, slapped lakhs of rupees

    New Delhi. You’ve probably heard of many kinds of deception, but it’s kind of unique. The unique reason is that the person who was deceived was deceived into saying he was dead. Yes, the cheater has cheated more than a million people. We have explained in detail in our Fraud Alert series how to avoid this type of fraud and how to get your money back even if it is fraudulent. You can read about all kinds of fraud here.

    So let us tell you about this new type of deception. This is important for you to know because it can happen to someone, at someone’s home or in the neighborhood.

    The case came from Bhopal

    The son of a retired DGP in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, has been cheated online. According to a report in the Times of India, the DGP’s son had applied to the insurance ombudsman to cancel his three insurance policies. These three insurances are issued by a private company. In the process of canceling them, they were cheated of Rs 3 lakh 16 thousand.

    Understand how the fraud happened

    Atul Kumar Jain lives in the Area Colony area of ​​Bhopal. He is a senior citizen, aged 66 years. They run their own business. He recently bought three life insurance policies from a private insurance company. Now Atul Jain wanted to repeal those principles.

    Atul cancels the policy by searching the internet and fills out an online application from the insurance ombudsman. Shortly afterwards, a call came to Atul Jain and the caller described himself as an RBI official. In fact he was a cheater.

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    The calling thug told Atul Jain that he would help him cancel the policy. He said that in order to cancel the policy, they would have to pay a processing fee so that they could get paid for the policies. Atul agreed this time. The thug said that a processing charge of Rs 4,500 would be levied for a policy, which Atul gave him.

    ‘You’re finished’

    The thug called Atul Jain again the next day. When Atul picked up the phone and listened to him, the ground shifted from under his feet. The thug said, “Two people have submitted your (Atul’s) death certificate, so I can’t help you withdraw money from the policy.”

    Atul Jain did not understand what to say or do. Now Atul asked the thug for help and said, I am alive and you help me. The swindler then promises to help them and gradually starts taking money in installments. After a while Atul Jain realized that it was a scam and he should complain about it.

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    Atul complained to the Cyber ​​Crime Branch about the matter. A case has been filed against the unidentified robber after receiving the complaint. Police found out that the money had been transferred to a bank account in Delhi, then a team was sent to Delhi to catch the thugs.

    So you have to be careful of such thugs. If you have a problem or want a solution, don’t trust a stranger. Don’t give money to anyone or share your personal information with anyone.

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