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    Delhi-NCR: Slippers are being used by robbers to save toll tax

    Noida. Drivers are being robbed to save a nominal amount of toll tax. Besides losing cash and mobiles, cars are also floating. The robbers beat him differently. A similar incident happened again with the driver of a car in Badaun. The driver was on his way back from Delhi to Badaun via Luharli Toll in Dadri-Bulandshahr. That’s when this happened to him. The miscreants snatched the driver of the vehicle and fled, leaving him in Greater Noida West.

    Incidents are happening near Luharley Toll
    According to information received, Abid, a resident of Badaun, was returning to Badaun after leaving some guests of his car owner in Delhi. After reaching Luharli Toll Plaza on the Dadri-Bulandshahr road, Abid threw his car on a rough road. This road leaves the toll plaza behind and joins the highway.

    Locals say many savvy drivers use this route to save tolls. Similarly, when driver Abid also went that way at night to save the toll, three men stopped him near the canal culvert as he proceeded.

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    A miscreant was sitting in the front seat next to Abid. In the back seat sat two miscreants. He also had a pistol and a knife. The miscreant sitting in the back stabbed Abid in the forehead with a pistol. Snatched his cash. He also beat her when she protested. The miscreants in front attacked him with knives. For two or three hours, the miscreants took Abid here and there. Later in the night, miscreants dumped Abid in the western part of Greater Noida. His car was also snatched while he was on his way. Abid has lodged an FIR with Bisrakh police station.

    Locals say this is not the first time a driver has been abducted. Often, on their way back from Delhi, motorists use this route to avoid tolls and to catch robbers.

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