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    A lot of fuss over a piece of female players, calls for a ban for confusion

    New Delhi. Wimbledon, the third Grand Slam of the tennis world, is just a day away. The eyes of the whole world are on this tournament. This Grand Slam is also notable for its various rules, especially regarding its dress code. All players entering this tournament will be required to wear special white colored clothing. This dress code has caused many riots.

    Almost 36 years ago today, at this tournament, there was much fuss over a piece by a female player. The day was June 27, 1985. When American tennis player Anne White’s one-piece caused a stir. In fact, Ann was playing in the first round against fifth seed Pam Shriver.

    Annie came to play in a body suit

    He warmed up in a tracksuit and took off the tracksuit to play. Anne wore a white one-piece lycra body suit. Whose feet were hot. Her outfit has attracted the attention of many viewers and photographers. Everyone is surprised to see this dress. With the match tied at one set, play was stopped due to poor light, and tournament referee Ellen Mills asked Ann to come dressed the next day.

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    There were calls for banning tournament officials

    The American player also came in the next day wearing the correct outfit and lost the third set. He later said he had absolutely no idea it would become so controversial. The same Pam said Ann’s dress was confusing and tournament officials were asked to ban her from ever wearing the dress again. undefined

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