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    Success Story: Cultivation of new varieties of wheat for treatment of maternal diseases, now orders are coming from abroad

    New Delhi. It is a matter of loss for the agricultural farmers of Kalapipal village in Sujalpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Under such circumstances, 32-year-old Lalit Parmar, a management student, decided to do something different. Study and many tests. Then with a test, his fortunes flared up in such a way that he became a millionaire.
    Lalit said that her mother was diabetic. They were looking for nutritious food for their mother. Meanwhile, someone told him that black wheat would be very useful because it is sugar free wheat. His research took him to the National Agri Food Biotechnology Research Center in Mohali, Punjab. Lalit learned to cultivate black wheat from here.
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    If friends like wheat, start ordering across the country
    The demand for black wheat has increased so much that this time Lalit has cultivated 10 acres of land. He also gave this wheat to his friends from Bhopal. Friends liked wheat and they marketed it all over the country. They place direct orders instead of mandis. From the farms from which he could earn a modest income, now he has started making huge income from those farms.
    Wheat is sugar free due to anthocyanins
    Black wheat contains 149 passes per million more anthocyanins than ordinary wheat. Anthrocyanin is a natural anti-oxidant and antibiotic, which is very effective in treating diseases like heart attack, cancer, diabetes, stress, knee pain, anemia. It is also sugar free due to ethocyanin. Less starch. In such cases it is beneficial for diabetics. It also contains high amounts of zinc. Playing it also increases digestion ability rapidly. It also lowers the amount of fat, which does not increase obesity. Black wheat is slightly different in color and taste from ordinary wheat, but is highly nutritious.
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    Help from YouTube
    You can find out about another farmer from Shulajpur who is producing black wheat on YouTube. He bought Lalit’s seeds at Rs. 200 per kg. At first it was damaged but later it started yielding 15 to 20 times per acre. He said the wheat is sold in the market at Rs 7,000 to Rs 8,000 per quintal. Now their crops are ready and they are constantly receiving orders from Rajasthan, UP, Karnataka and Uttarakhand.

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