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    Success Stories – Read how a 22 year old boy came out of a small village and became a millionaire by selling tea

    New Delhi. Studying business and entrepreneurship from top IIMs is the dream of millions of candidates who take the MBA entrance exam every year including CAT, XAT and MAT. Praful Billo, a farmer’s son from Labravada village in Madhya Pradesh, had a similar dream. Prafulla went to Ahmedabad to study at IIM Ahmedabad. Despite preparing for the Common Admission Test (CAIT) for three years in a row, when he failed the CAT exam, he opened a tea shop and named it ‘MBA Chaiwala’. Today, MBA Chaiwala has more than 22 outlets across the country and now an international outlet is about to open. At present Prafulla is a millionaire. Let’s not know their success story …

    Starting from Ahmedabad
    Prafulla Billaur, a Labravdar farmer family from a small village on the edge, wanted to do an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, but when he did not succeed, he traveled to big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, but he felt Ahmedabad. Prafulla liked the city of Ahmedabad so much that he started thinking of settling there. Prafulla got a job at a McDonald’s in Ahmedabad thinking that now he needs money to survive and do something for money. Here Praful earned Rs 36 per hour and worked about 12 hours a day.

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    Praful’s world changed the tea shop
    While working, Prafulla realized that he could not work for McDonald’s for the rest of his life, so he decided to start his own business. But Prafulla did not have enough money to start a business. In this situation, Prafulla thought of doing a business so that the capital can be done less and easily. This is where the thought of starting a tea business comes to his mind. To start work, Praful lied to his father and asked for 10,000 rupees in the name of education. With this money, Praful started setting up a tea shop.
    Today MBA Chaiwala has become a brand. It has outlets in 22 major cities of the country and is now going to open franchises abroad. Prafulla Billaur said that his family has supported him a lot, he believes that success can be achieved by working sincerely in any work.

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    Now being praised all over the country
    Praful’s success has given a worthy answer to those who used to make fun of him, Praful said, now people ask me for advice. I tell them, degree doesn’t matter. I do whatever I like there. We tell you that Praful left his MBA and started a tea stall. Within 4 years of starting the tea business, he earned Rs 3 crore and gained acclaim across the country. Prafulla Billa’s shop MBA Chaiwala has become a popular brand among the youth today.

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