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    Success Stories: Passing Marks came 10th, became IAS in 2012; Learn success stories

    New Delhi (Career Tips, IAS Success Stories, IAS Snow Sumera), You have often heard that you should not make your study schedule by listening to someone else. We should study at that time and keep as many things as can be stored in the mind. Success stories of IAS Snow De Sumera are enough to impress anyone.

    Students who are weak in studies or get low marks in exams often feel that they will not be able to pass the government job exams. In fact, they lack confidence. These students will be shocked to see the results of the 10th exam of IAS officer Tushar de Sumera. But it may be that they will be equally affected.

    Look at the mark on the report card
    IAS Tushar De Sumera, posted in Gujarat’s Bharuch district, has been the talk of social media these days. In fact, his tenth grade marksheet is going quite viral. It is said that your future is determined based on your performance in the tenth grade. But IAS Snow has changed that notion. He scored 35 out of 100 in English, 36 in Mathematics and 38 in Science.

    Thank you sir

    People gave up hope
    IAS Snow did not take Marx’s pressure at all. He passed UPSC exam in 2012 and became IAS. While sharing his marksheet, Tushar said that everyone was disappointed to see his number. People even said that they could not achieve anything in life. His school and villagers gave up any hope from him.

    Work preparation
    At that time, Tushar Sumera somehow passed the tenth and twelfth exams. He graduated with a BA, then a BEd and began working as an assistant teacher. While teaching children, it occurred to him that he should prepare for UPSC. Tushar started preparing by making a target while working. After that, after qualifying for the exam in 2012, he became IAS.

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