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    Success Stories: Inspired by TV serials, C. Vanmati became an IAS officer

    New Delhi, Success Story: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam is one of the toughest exams in our country. Anyone who passes this test is seen in a different light. In this section of the success story, today we see C. who was born in a poor family in Kerala. Speaking of Vanmati, who faced poverty, rebelled against marriage, had to fight with society, but did not lose courage. Inspired by a TV serial called Ganga Jamuna Saraswati (whose heroine was an IAS officer), Banamati prepared for UPSC and took the exam in 2015 to become an IAS officer with the 152nd All India Rank (AIR). No one imagined that this poor girl, who once grazed buffalo, would one day attain this position. Let us know the story of Banamati’s struggle:

    Dad was a cab driver
    C. Banamati was born in a poor family in Kerala. His father was a cab driver. He used to run the cab and run the household expenses. In such a situation, it was not possible to think of clearing the UPSC. But Banamati’s devotion and hard work have brought him to this stage.

    Buffalo grazing, rebellion against marriage
    As a child, in addition to going to school, Banamati had to help with household chores. He even took the buffaloes to the forest for grazing and then fed them. After twelfth, relatives pressured her to get married, she refused marriage to fulfill her dream of becoming an IAS and fought against relatives and society to fulfill her dream. His family supported him in this struggle.

    District Collector and TV serial inspired
    Vanamati first inspired a female district collector from her hometown to become an IS. He was fascinated by the way everyone respected him. Besides, there was a serial called Ganga Jamuna Sarvati on TV, the main heroine of which was a female IAS officer. Inspired by these two, Banamati decided to become an IAS officer.

    Job in a private bank, then become an IAS
    After graduation, Bhanmati did PG in computer application. He also worked for a while in a private bank to pay for his education. Then, in 2015, he took the UPSC exam. His hard work has paid off and he has been ranked 152nd All India Rank and IAS. Banamati is currently working as an IAS officer. He gives full credit for his success to his family.

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