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    Starting a business from a middle class family, now giving tips to young people with ‘Shape Your Dream’

    New Delhi. Coming out of a middle class family, Govinda Vadu started his business and now he is giving success tips to the youth. She has started the ‘Shape Your Dream’ seminar, through which she is helping young people to stand on their own two feet. The ‘Shape Your Dream’ program encourages young people who are not reluctant to pursue their dreams.

    There are many young people who try to end their lives if their dreams are not fulfilled, the inspirational speaker Govinda Vadhu is showing a new path to such people through his program. The main objective of the program is to identify the potential existing among the youth so that they can achieve their goals. Seminars are organized under the program so that the participating youth can talk to Motivational Speaker Govinda Vadu about their challenges.

    Find out the key to success
    Govinda Vadu believes that if a person belongs to a middle class family, it does not mean that he should stop dreaming big or he thinks time is not in his favor. He has the ability to make every dream, big or small, a reality, all that is needed is to encourage him and make efforts in the right direction. If someone encourages a depressed person with his words, then positive change is seen in that person.

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    Vadhu is a young entrepreneur and motivational speaker
    Govinda Vadu is a young entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. His journey to success has been full of complexities. Born into a middle class family, Govinda Vadu has established a business based on hard work and positive thinking, though he has no prior knowledge of business. He says anyone can join the program digitally.

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