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    Started business with just 20,000, sold many small electronics, now owns 65,000000000 company


    Narendra Bansal launched Intex Technologies in 1996.
    Once used to sell electronic goods at Delhi’s Nehru Place.
    The company made huge profits from cheap mobile and computer devices.

    Success Stories: Many millionaire industrialists of the country and the world have reached the floor. You will hear thousands of stories related to them. India also has many entrepreneurs who started with very little capital and today own multi-million dollar companies. This includes the name of the owner of Intex Technology. The success story of Narendra Bansal, the founder of this organization, also continues to inspire millions of youth.

    Intex Technologies is one of the leading mobile and electronic device manufacturing companies in India. Founder Narendra Bansal started the business with just Rs 20,000. But today Intex Technologies is worth over Rs 6,500 crore. Let’s know how Narendra Bansal got this success in business.

    Education in the village, name in the city
    Originally from Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, Narendra Bansal’s early education was in the village primary school. In 1980, his family settled in Delhi, where he graduated in commerce from Swami Shradhananda College, University of Delhi. Narendra Bansal started business from his college days. He used to sell audio-video cassettes to meet his education expenses. During this time he tried his hand at many businesses. He started a cordless phone business in Chandni Chowk, Nayabazar, Delhi.

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    Started business from Delhi’s Nehru Place
    Narendra Bansal had a keen interest in business and wanted to start his own business. At that time the IT industry was expanding in India. During this time, Narendra Bansal worked selling computer floppy disks and other items in Delhi’s Nehru Place market. It earned him a bumper profit. In 1992, he rented a small shop in Nehru Place and then started assembling computers there. After that, in September 1994, he started International Impex in South Delhi with a capital of Rs 20,000.

    Huge income from cheap phone business
    After that, the time came in 1996 when Narendra Bansal founded Intex Technologies. Their products were unique in that they came directly from manufacturers and wholesalers in China and Korea. Because of this they were cheaper than other companies. His company earned Rs 30 lakh in the first year from this business. He then started selling speakers, home theaters, DVD players. After that, his company started selling computer devices and opened a manufacturing unit in India itself.

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    When the smartphone market started growing rapidly in India, Intex Technology also stepped in and launched cheap phones, so that customers got more features at a lower price. After that, the name Intex began to be on people’s tongues. The company then started manufacturing many electronic devices including LED TVs, speakers.

    With his hard work and dedication, Narendra Bansal took the business he started with Rs 20,000 to great heights. Intex Technologies is valued at over Rs 6,500 crore. At the same time, Narendra Bansal’s net worth is more than Rs 800 crore.

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