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    Remember these 6 things to be successful Ratan Tata! With big money you will become everyone’s favorite

    New Delhi. Nowadays everyone wants to earn money, to be successful, but very few people want to walk that path. If you are in the process of starting a business or are already looking forward to it, then the words of businessman Ratan Tata may be helpful. Ratan Tata, a veteran industrialist and chairman of Tata Sons, has invested heavily in many successful startups across the country. Although he considers himself a casual investor, most of the startups he has invested in have been successful and his business today is billions upon billions. Let’s take a look at the key factors to consider when starting a company.

    1. Emphasis on innovation
    Ratat Tata believes that the future is bright for those who have invented. That’s why you have to keep innovating. Tata is putting more emphasis on innovation for startups.

    2. Focus on values
    Speaking of the Tata Group, everyone knows that this group is worth a lot. In such a scenario, Ratan Tata hopes that startups will also prioritize the quality factor. He is adamantly opposed to overnight escape.

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    3. The attitude of the preachers must be positive
    According to Ratan Tata, what is the attitude of the startup promoters, what ideas did they come up with and worked out based on their thinking about the solution. According to Tata, he prefers to invest in a new company. Especially in startups with new ideas.

    4. There is no right time
    In an interview in October 2019, Ratan Tata said that there is no such thing as the right time for a global startup. It is the responsibility and perception of the founder when it comes to expanding its reach worldwide. At the same time, Ratan Tata said that I also see how mature the promoters are and how serious they are about their new company.

    5. Prioritize work
    It happened to many industrial organizations in India that they became interested in politics as well as industry. But the Tata Group and especially Ratan Tata have always avoided this. He always thought of work as everything in his life. First, work is given priority.

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    6. Respect others
    People who know Ratan Tata personally say that he is always calm and polite. They meet the smallest employees of their company with great love.

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