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    #Rakshabandhan: This sibling couple started this business from one corner of the house, today it earns crores of rupees.

    New Delhi. Today is Rakshabandhan (# Rakshabandhan) festival. This day is very special for brothers and sisters. When the day is very special (Rakshabandhan festival), things should be special too. Today we are telling you the story of a sibling startup who started their own business with savings and is earning crores of rupees today. Yes .. this is a brother-sister pair- Ayush and Anchal Poddar. His e-commerce startup is called ‘The Messi Corner’. Personalized gifting startup The Macy’s Corner is known for its travel and lifestyle accessories. During the coronavirus, this Mumbai-based startup concept launched its products in an innovative way. Let’s not know their success story …

    He started this business for 10 lakh rupees
    Messi Corner (TMC) was founded in 2015 by brothers Ayush and Anchal Poddar. Ayush is 34 years old and has an MBA in Marketing from Mumbai University. At the same time, her sister is pursuing a Masters in Marketing from Bath University in the United Kingdom. They both started this business with their own savings. He started it from the corner of his room. “We started our startup from home,” Anchal said in an interview with Your Story. Our mother would yell at us to clean the house and we would try, but after a while everything became random again. So we decided to name the company ‘The Messi Corner’.

    “We started our business with an investment of around Rs 10 lakh,” he said. We currently have a team of 20 people. “We are partners during the day and brothers and sisters at night,” they said.

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    How will the business happen?
    Let us tell you that this startup produces products in categories like travel, lifestyle, stationery and technical products. All their products range in price from Rs 299 to Rs 3,999. This startup designs its products at home. The raw materials are procured from local markets in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai and the products are manufactured at TMC’s factory in Vasai, Mumbai. According to AYUSH and Anchal, when the order comes to them, they start the process of privatization.

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    All products are handcrafted to ensure quality and packing. Today, the company has about 1.5 million users. The startup has so far placed over two million orders, including about four million items. The founder claims that the startup has earned Rs 6 crore in FY15. The target for FY 2021 is to generate revenue of Rs 10-20 crore.

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