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    Meet this 28-year-old man who gives successful business tips on social media! Ratan Tata also took advice, agreed

    New Delhi. Today we are talking about a young man who has taken a new place in the business industry at a young age. Veteran businessman Ratan Tata is also a fan of his idea. This person is 28-year-old Shantanu Naidu. Shantanu Naidu, 28, is the mastermind behind the startups in which Ratan Tata, a veteran business leader and former chairman of the Tata Group, makes his personal investment. His work won the hearts of Ratan Tata, former chairman of Tata Group. Let’s read Shantanu’s story …

    Shantanu helps startups
    Naidu comes live every Sunday with ‘On Your Sparks’ on his Instagram handle. So far he has taken part in seven events. Naidu charges Rs 500 per person for ‘On Your Sparks’ webinar. His company, Motopaws, designs and manufactures dog collars that burn in the dark to save their lives. Motopaws business today spans more than 20 cities and four countries.

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    He came to Tata’s attention because of his addiction to dogs
    Shantanu said on the way he saw many dogs being hit and killed by the speed of the car. It was extremely painful. It has been observed that drivers do not see the dog in time, which is a major cause of accidents. This gives the idea of ​​creating a collar reflector for a calm dog. After some experimentation, a collar called Metapage was created. Through this, even if there is no street light at night, the drivers can see the dogs from a distance. Now the life of the street dog was being saved. This small but important work was written in the newsletters of the Tata Group companies. This was noticed by Ratan Tata, who himself likes dogs very much.

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    At his father’s instruction, he wrote a letter to Tata
    One day Shantanu wrote a letter to Tata on the instructions of his father. He was then invited to meet Ratan Tata. Shantanu is the fifth generation of his family working in the Tata Group. But never got a chance to meet Tata. At the meeting, Tata asked for help with the Street Dogs project but Shantanu refused. Tata insisted and made an unannounced investment. After investing Ratan Tata’s money, Motpaz has reached 11 cities of the country. Tata used to meet on this pretext.

    Invited to join Tata’s office in 2018
    One day Shantanu asked Ratan Tata to do MBA in Colonel. The colonel was admitted. Throughout the MBA the whole focus was on entrepreneurship, investing, new startups as well as discovering credible startups, attractive business ideas and key industry trends. After completing the course, in 2018, an invitation came from Tata to join his office. Shantanu said it was an honor to work with him. Such opportunities come only once in a lifetime. Being with them allows you to learn something new every minute. Didn’t feel like Generation Gap He never let you feel that you are working with Ratan Tata.

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    Startups also benefit from the Tata experience
    Ratan Tata, 81, has strong faith in the country’s startup ecosystem. In June 2016, Ratan Tata, a private investment firm, joined hands with RNT Associates and the University of California, The Regents as a ‘UC-RNT Fund’ to finance new startups, new companies and other ventures in India. Although most of Ratan Tata’s investments are not known, the startups that have been able to bring him along have gained a lot of experience from Ratan Tata in addition to financial support.

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